Hen Harriers – a petition

I think we are all aware of the persecution Hen Harriers, a winter visitor for us in the Cotswolds, suffer in the UK: no successful breeding in England in 2013 and a Government study showing the England could support 300 pairs.

John Armitage, a retired RSPB officer now living in Argyll and with 30 years involvement in Hen Harrier protection, has started a petition calling on the Government to institute a a system of licencing for upland grouse moors and gamekeepers. The petition closes on 27 February. More information is here. If you agree, the petition is here.



3 thoughts on “Hen Harriers – a petition

  1. Thank you for promoting the petition which, as of this morning, has now exceeded 8100 signatures. Should anyone have any queries about the proposals, then leave a message on my Blog and I’ll get back to you.
    Again, many thanks indeed for your help.

  2. Well worth signing in my opinion – I signed some time ago.

    The individuals that persecute Hen Harriers (and other raptors) appear to be extremely arrogant and blatantly continue this illegal activity as if it is their right and because they have got away with it for years and know they will again. Even if caught and prosecuted the penalties are very lenient. The RSPB have tried advocacy with various governments and dialogue with grouse moor owners but all to no avail; the persecution continues and sadly, there is little doubt that it will this year also.

    John Armitage’s petition has only about 8,300 signatures at present; if it reached 10,000 it would, I understand, require a response from the Government.

  3. I see this petition has just passed 10,000 signatures which is good news as there should now be an official response.

    Well done John Armitage!

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