Website up and running

The rest of the NCOS website is running again, including news of forthcoming field meetings. It’s still a bit light on content but we will be working to add things over the coming weeks.

If there is anything you would like to see please contact us via the ‘info’ address (see ‘Contacts’ page).

Any bright ideas for next year’s field meetings?

I would have liked to have begun this by saying something along the lines of now summer’s drawing to a close, but I can’t remember when it was – 10.17 three weeks ago last Wednesday? Anyway, it’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to next year’s meeting programme.

We’ll shortly be starting the process of arranging next year’s field programme. If there are areas you think might be of interest to members and that we should visit, we’d like to hear your suggestions (including the best time to visit). Don’t worry – suggesting a site won’t necessarily mean you have to lead the outing!  We’d also be interested in suggestions for the annual August “away day”. Or any other ideas.

If you have ideas please leave them in the comments or email the Society at info (at)